What an Amazing BBQ! Thanks for supporting the Santa Cruz Republicans.

It was a great day to be a Republican in Santa Cruz County. 

Thank you all who attended our first "Summer Republican Family BBQ". 

The weather was beautiful, the food fantastic and our speakers, well we could not have had better. 

Travis Allen, California Assemblyperson and Gubernatorial Candidate gave an inspiring talk about his plans to Make California Great Again. He laid out his plan to repeal the gas tax, improving our water storage and eliminating the corruption in Sacramento. He spoke about making businesses stronger by reducing taxes and regulations and moved us all to take action to get him into office. 

Our very own conservative talk show personality, Charles Freedman, of KSCO, gave a passionate talk about the state of Sacraments, the state of the Republican Party and spelled out what he believes to be the best method to making California great again--getting out the vote. Speaking to your friends and family about the true nature of conservative values and principles: limited government, protecting individual liberty and securing our future with sound fiscal policies. 

We estimate there were over 140 attendees who enjoyed hot and tender BBQ trip, baked beans and traditional BBQ fare. The room was abuzz with lively conversation, laughter, and the occasional groan as the subject of the gas tax was mentioned. 

On behalf of every on the Santa Cruz Central Committee with thank you for attending and supporting Republican principles and values in Santa Cruz County. We plan on making this an annual event. 


P.S. Be sure to stop by our booth at the Santa Cruz County Fair, in September!