Voter Guide 2018 Primary

Well, it's finally here. The California Statewide Primary Election Season, with election day happening on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018. Most county residents should have received their sample ballots and voter information guides by now. We at the Santa Cruz County Republican Central Committee have been paying very close attention and have analyzed the Local Ballot Measures, State Propositions, and Candidates.

Here is the Santa Cruz County Republican Central Committee voter recommendation guide.

Local Ballot Measures:

 - Measure P - Neutral
 - Measure Q - Neutral
 - Measure R - Neutral
 - Measure S - NO
 - Measure T - Neutral
 - Measure U - Undecided

State Propositions:

 - Proposition 68 - NO
 - Proposition 69 - NO
 - Proposition 70 - Undecided
 - Proposition 71 - Undecided
 - Proposition 72 - Undecided

State and Local Candidates:

 - Governor--Travis Allen
 - Lt Governor--Lydia Ortega
 - Secretary of State--Mark Meuser
 - Controller-- Konstantinos Roditis
 - Treasurer--Jack Guerrero
 - US Senate--Paul A. Taylor
 - Assembly District 29--Vicki Nohrden
 - Assembly District 30--Neil Kitchen

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