Short Circuit: Are Clinton And Her Campaign Admitting She Lied To FBI?

Michael Short, RNC

In defending her roundly debunked lie that FBI Director James Comey found her public statements
about her email scandal to be truthful, Hillary Clinton and her campaign are trotting out some highly suspect spin.

On Friday, Clinton tried to clean up the mess by telling NBC’S Kristen Welker that all she was trying to convey was that her public statements were consistent with what she told the FBI and that Comey said what she told his investigators was truthful:

“I have said during the interview and many other occasions over the past months that what I told the FBI, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what I have said publicly.” - Hillary Clinton, Remarks At NABJ/NAHJ Conference, 8/5/16

This morning, one of her top spokespeople went on CNN to make the same dubious charge:

“[S]he was saying what she has always said to the American people was consistent to what she said to the FBI.” – Clinton Campaign Deputy Communications Director Kristina Schacke, CNN’s New Day, 8/8/16

Here’s the rub: We don’t know what Clinton told the FBI, but we do know what she told the American people – one lie after another, which the head of the FBIdebunked one by one in his testimony before Congress. So if Clinton and her campaign insist on claiming she told the FBI the same thing she told the American people, it’s worth asking them if they’re really just admitting she lied to the FBI.