Repeal the Gas Tax Event

Repeal the Gas Tax makes good sense for all Californians

Last year, California's Democratic-led legislature approved Senate Bill 1, raising the state excise tax on gasoline by 12 cents per gallon, or a 40 percent increase.

  • Under the gas and car tax hikes, the typical family of four will pay $779.28 more per year in higher taxes for the gas tax alone. The gas and car tax hikes cost too much and will increase the already-high cost-of-living in California.

Gas and Car Taxes Spike Our Cost of Living

With us to discuss the repeal and answer questions will be Chairman of the Gas Tax Repeal campaign Carl DeMaio and Assembly candidate Vicki Nohrden.

Saturday August 25 10-11 am

Embassy Suites 1441 Canyon Del Rey Blvd. Seaside

Gas and Car Taxes Spike Our Cost of Living

  • Under the gas and car tax hikes, the typical family of four will pay $779.28 more per year in higher taxes. 
  • The car and gas tax hikes are slated to increase every year automatically.
  • This year Californians will pay nearly $1 more per gallon because of taxes, fees and other government mandates. By 2021, many Californians will be paying close to $2 more a gallon extra because of taxes, fees and other government mandates – that’s $40 extra each time you fill up your car.

Politicians Won’t Fix the Roads – The Gas Tax Fraud

  • Politicians are not interested in fixing or expanding our roads – and the gas tax increase contains zero accountability on where the funds will be spent. In fact, the gas tax measure is specifically written to allow politicians to continue to divert all the funds away from road projects.
  • State Senator John Moorlach released an independent analysis of CalTrans the budget showing that only 20% of the gas tax funds were spent anywhere near roads.
  • Where do the politicians divert the gas tax money to? The funding has been diverted to cover budget deficits, so politicians can continue to spend in other areas. Most of the funds spent on infrastructure get diverted from roads to transit buses, light rail projects, bike lanes (to replace roads), and even park land acquisition.
  • An independent audit proves very little money actually gets spent on construction. Most of the funding covers the high salaries and pensions for government workers in bloated bureaucracies who spend the day on administrative paperwork but don’t build a single road, let alone fill a single pothole. In fact, the state auditor revealed that over 3500 employees at CalTrans had no project to work on – wasting a half-a-billion in taxpayer funds a year.
  • California is so wasteful with our infrastructure funds that we get far less for our funds than other states. The Reason Foundation report shows for every $1 spent in the other 49 states to maintain one mile of highway California state government spends $4.7 for the same mile – that’s a 470% cost inefficiency factor.

Co-hosts Vicki Nohrden For Assembly -Monterey County Republican Party-Monterey Peninsula Republican Women Federated

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August 25, 2018 at 10am - 11am
Embassy Suites - Seaside
1441 Canyon Del Rey Blvd
Seaside, CA 93955
United States
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