Wade Leishman - Chairman
Wade is a 20+ year resident of California transplanted from a conservative, blue collar military family from Nebraska. He has lived in Santa Cruz County since 1999 and Scotts Valley for over 12 years with his wife and twin daughters.  He works as a  Sr. IT Manager for a global tech manufacturing company in Cupertino and also owns and operates his own small business. Wade was appointed as a Board of Directors Member of the Scotts Valley Water District in July, 2017.

Wade wants to actively engage, encourage and rally Republican constituents throughout our county to represent our shared conservative platform and views, preserve our quality of life, and most importantly, protect our Constitutional rights that are under attack at every turn.

Kristen Collishaw - Vice Chairperson  
Kristen is a third-generation California native and has lived the past 15 years in Scotts Valley. Having grown up with a father in politics, being involved with local issues and working toward making the community better seems like a natural fit.  She graduated from University of the Pacific, and worked in Major League Baseball, including working on the campaign to get the Giants ballpark initiative passed in San Francisco.  In addition to assorted volunteer positions with her kids’ schools and special events, she runs a family foundation that focuses on families affected by cancer as well as pediatric cancer research. 

Kristen has three children, twin boys who are in college and a daughter in high school.  She and her husband have raised them to be mindful of how running a business and employing people is essential to a successful economy.  Belief in pro-business, fiscal responsibility, and giving a voice to the conservative values in this county is what led her to run to become a part of the SCCRCC.

Lea Reed - Secretary  
  Susan Allen  - Member-At-Large / Interim Treasurer

Susan Allen is a retired public affairs professional who has been in the trenches for some of California’s most contentious political battles, fighting to defend business, agricultural and taxpayer interests. Specializing in field operations and coalition building for ballot measure campaigns, she helped to defeat such high profile statewide initiatives as the Campaign Against the Peripheral Canal (Prop. 9), the Forest Forever Initiative (Prop. 130), the Tax the Rich Initiative (Prop. 167) and the Oil Tax Initiative (Prop. 87). Susan was also a government relations manager for CNF Inc., a global transportation and logistics company, where she was responsible for state government relations in all 50 states and served as the Vice Chair of the American Trucking Associations’ Environmental Policy Committee.  Susan is the third generation to be born in Santa Cruz and has attended Santa Cruz area schools including Cabrillo College and UCSC, majoring in Economics.  She lives in Corralitos.