Change can be a good thing.  With a Republican President, Senate, House in Washington, change is inevitable.  Hopefully these changes will include some of those we have wanted for a long time.  Changes that will streamline government at the federal level; reduce taxes; remove some of the control by government in our personal and business lives.  As the founding president of the California Small Business Association, I can tell you that burdensome regulations and unnecessary form filling robs smaller businesses of time they need to devote to the survival of their business activities. Employing a battery of people to keep government happy is just not possible on their budgets. Reducing regulation is a great change!

The citizens of Santa Cruz County have limited influence over what happens at the federal level and only a little bit more on the state level.  What we can do is make a big difference in what happens locally.  Join with us in providing a real home for conservatives of all persuasions, united in making our home governments less intrusive and more focused on what is important for the economic and social welfare of all our citizens.  That can be a big job.  It will take each of us to get that job done. Please let me know how you want to help in this effort.


David T. Hodgin
Chairman, Santa Cruz County Republican Party