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Government Advisory Bodies

Are you considering a run for local office but wonder where to start getting up to speed on the issues?  Or, are you someone who just wants to make a difference in your community?  Consider serving on a local Board or Commission.  The County of Santa Cruz and each incorporated city in the county have a number of opportunities. 

Santa Cruz County has over 40 advisory bodies which advise the Board of Supervisors on a wide arrange of issues--everything from Ag policy to Parks and Recreation, to Senior Services.  Some appointments are at-large, meaning that any Supervisor can nominate an appointee.  Others are district appointments, where a Supervisor nominates an appointee, usually a resident of his/her district.

Here is a link to the Commissions, Committees and Advisory Bodies Vacancies Page

Here is the list of all County Boards and Commissions along with Application

The County of Santa Cruz encourages applicants to apply for positions, even though there isn't a vacancy on the commission of their choice.

Each city in the county also has their own advisory bodies.  You usually must be a registered voter in the city to qualify for these Boards: 

City of Capitola: Along with meeting schedules, vacancies are posted on each commission page.

City of Scotts Valley: A number of positions are currently available on the Arts Commission, Board of Appeals, Code Enforcement Appeals Board, Mobile Home Park Rent Commissions, and the Park and Recreation Advocates.  Applicants usually must be a resident of Scotts Valley. 

City of Santa Cruz: Unless otherwise stated, applicants must be city residents or voters for the City of Santa Cruz Advisories.

City of Watsonville: Members of City Boards and Commissions serve at large and need to be registered to vote in Watsonville.

November 2017 Special District Elections:  We won't have regular elections in November but 6 special districts will have their elections.  The nominating period for candidates for these districts is from July 17-August 11.  In case no one applies, candidate extended filing is from August 12-August 16.  If you know someone who lives in these districts and might be interested in running, please contact me.

Alba Park and Recreation District: Represents 220 residents on Alba Road in Ben Lomond.  Tax assessments are used to run the old Alba school house as an event and community center. Candidates must own property in the district to run for the board.

Opel Cliff Recreation District:  Includes 438 parcels in the Opel Cliffs neighborhood, which has access to Privates Beach.  The District oversees access to the beach.  Board members must own property within the district. 

Salsipuedes Sanitary District: Oversees wastewater collection and treatment in the unincorporated areas of East Watsonville, from St. Francis High School to the County Fairgrounds.  Candidates for the Board must be registered in the District.

Place De Mir Geologic Hazard Abatement District

Depot Hill Geologic Hazard Abatement District: These districts are set up to deal with specific geologic hazards such as erosion or landslides.  Candidates for these Boards must own property in the districts.

Reclamation District 2049 (College Lake) in Watsonville.  Only 20 parcels of land in the district.  Candidates must own property in the District to run for the Board.