2018 General Election - Voter Guide

State Races:

Local Races:

Local Ballot Measures:

  • Measure A - Scotts Valley Unified School District parcel Tax--YES
  • Measure B - Soquel Union Elementary School parcel tax--YES
  • Measure G - Santa Cruz County sales tax--NO
  • Measure H - Santa Cruz County affordable housing--NO
  • Measure I - City of Capitola Cannabis business tax--NEUTRAL
  • Measure J - City of Capitola transient occupancy tax--YES
  • Measure K - City of Capitola change treasurer from elected to appointed--NEUTRAL
  • Measure L - City of Capitola Greenway initiative--NO
  • Measure M - City of Santa Cruz rent control initiative--NO
  • Measure N - City of Scotts Valley transient occupancy tax--YES
  • Measure O - City of Watsonville transient occupancy tax--YES
  • Measure P - La Selva Beach Recreation District parcel tax--NEUTRAL
  • Measure W - West Valley-Mission Community College bond--NO

State Propositions:

  • Proposition 1--NO
  • Proposition 2--YES
  • Proposition 3--NEUTRAL
  • Proposition 4--NO
  • Proposition 5--YES
  • Proposition 6--YES
  • Proposition 7--YES
  • Proposition 8--NO
  • Proposition 10--NO
  • Proposition 11--YES
  • Proposition 12--NO

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