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  • Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 09:00 AM · 1 rsvp

    Central Coast Congress of Republicans welcomes renowned author, John O’Connor on 11/23 at 9 am

    Spread the word!  Come join your Republican friends to hear John O’Connor discuss his new book, Postgate!  

    Mr. O’Connor speaks with eloquence and detail and reveals the true behind-the-scene story about media manipulation.  
    When: Sat., 11/23/19, 9 am
    Pasatiempo Golf Course 
    (MacKenzie Bar & Grill), 
    18 Clubhouse Rd
    Santa Cruz, CA  95060
    Deep Throat’s lawyer discovers the Washington Post betrayed his client—while covering up the real truth about the Watergate scandal.  

    The conventional wisdom of Watergate is turned on its head by Postgate, revealing that the Post did not uncover Watergate as much as it covered it up. The Nixon Administration, itself involved in a coverup, was the victim of a journalistic smoke-screen that prevented mitigation of its criminal guilt. As a result of the paper’s successful misdirection, today’s strikingly deceptive partisan journalism can be laid at the doorstep of the Washington Post.

    After Deep Throat’s lawyer, author John O’Connor, discovered that the Post had betrayed his client while covering up the truth about Watergate, his indefatigable research resulted in Postgate, a profoundly shocking tale of journalistic deceit.

    In an era when numerous modern media outlets rail about the guilt of their political enemies for speaking untruths, Postgate proves that the media can often credibly be viewed as the party actually guilty of deception. Americans today mistrust the major media more than ever. Postgate will prove that this distrust is richly deserved.”

    Very truly yours,
    Peter Coe Verbica,
    Central Coast Congress of Republicans
    California Congress of Republicans
    (408) 832-3030
  • Saturday, February 01, 2020 at 06:00 PM · 2 rsvps

    Reagan Day Dinner

    We have a true American Patriot coming to speak - his name is Paul Vallely and he's a retired Major General from our great US Army who loves this country. He has a website and blog at We're looking forward to having him with us - stay tuned for more details!